Arya Candles – take a look behind the label

We’re Lina & Jenny, the mother-daughter duo behind Arya Candles. We hand craft all natural candles and reed diffusers in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. The business and brand evolved from a delightful hobby and we’re so proud that Arya Candles is now providing a vital lifeline for other women.

Arya Candles was created to be a socially responsible business, to realise our dream of empowering women worldwide.  Being ethical, honest, and socially & environmentally aware is the bedrock of the company.

Candles have the incredible power to bring comfort and sacredness into your home. We want our products to help you rest and unwind, to appreciate small moments, and to drift away in your thoughts as the beautiful fragrance evokes memories from the past. All whilst knowing that your purchase is making real change to the life of someone less fortunate.

How we Support Women in War-torn Countries

At Arya we passionately believe that businesses have the ability to change lives, therefore we want every Arya candle to have a positive impact. As such, we are sponsoring women through Women for Women International’s year-long training programme. Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped nearly 479,000 women in 8 countries affected by war and conflict, offering them support, tools and life-changing skills.  With new stability, strength and economic self-sufficiency the women can begin to rebuild their lives.

Due to increased security concerns in many of the countries Women for Women International work in, it is important for them to take security measures to protect the women in the programme. We fully respect the security of the women we sponsor, and therefore won’t be sharing any photos or personal details which may compromise their safety. So far we have supported 13 women through their programme, from countries such as South Sudan, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

By choosing an Arya Candles product, you are making a difference to the lives of women in crisis around the world.


Bamboo is an easy-to-grow, renewable resource that has countless uses including clothes, food, fuel and even construction. This extremely versatile material can grow well without the need to use fertilisers or pesticides, which means that the potential risk of chemicals entering groundwater are significantly minimised.

To add to its sustainable qualities, bamboo is also extremely durable; and by using a unique layered and proprietary design process, we can bring to life high quality natural bamboo products that have a minimal impact on the eco system and also last.

We are proud members of the Ethical Fashion Fellowship 500 club!

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