Rose Corps brings colour to sustainable fashion with hand-dyed and hand-printed garments in an inclusive size range. Each piece is designed and handmade in the UK by Naomi, the designer herself. Rose Corps celebrates the art of making clothes ethically and with purpose, focused on all-day comfort, long life and zero waste production. 

Founded in 2017, now offers strictly environmentally conscious garments featuring organic and recycled fibres, coloured with low-impact dyes and inks. Clothes are handcrafted in small quantities to make each product personal and precious, with love for our customers and the planet.

"I always loved creating things, but especially clothes; I used to sew my own wardrobe since I was 12 years old, shopping cheap remnants after school and stitching them by hand every night. Since then I've been mastering my skills and chasing my lifelong dream of being a fashion designer".

Naomi, Designer and Founder.

Bamboo fabric is something Naomi is very passionate about, as it slowly becomes abused in fashion production and loses some of the amazing qualities that make it so sustainable. That's why she chose organic bamboo certified by Ecocert, something that is awarded for holistic and conscious organic farming.

"Organic farming is such a wonderful way to grow bamboo (as well as cotton) and speaks volume to what I hope all farming will become in the future". 

In future Naomi would love to get into sustainable jewellery design as well.

"I have my eye on bioplastic, which is made in an ethical way and completely compostable. I'm also able to make the fibre myself, what gives me such an amazing creative outlet".

Naomi recently upgraded the packaging - now the gorgeous box and its components are paper (even the sellotape)! So you can just place it in your recycling bin. It also features ribbon made 100% out of recycled plastic waste! Yup, plastic bottles never looked so pretty. 

Rose Corps' fabrics are entirely sustainable - bought from fair trade suppliers, organic, recycled, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, or even energy-reducing! Good textiles that the planet loves!

Noami on Upcycling:

"I worked tirelessly to change the practices in the studio. From famous re-used junk mail & packing paper ironed and patched up into pattern paper, all the way to re-purposed broken jewelry beads and appliques from vintage shops... Even models wear used shoes. Upcycled is the new cool".

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