Lucy, Simeon, Vonnie and Joseph are Arc Lore, here is their story, their mission, their ethos.

At Arc Lore we believe in the art of quality craftsmanship combined with sustainably-sourced materials. Drawing on the traditions of the past with our understanding of contemporary design we provide a product made for the needs of modern living. As you wrap yourself in one of our beautiful, flat-woven Turkish towels, you wrap yourself in a timeless handwoven masterpiece, the perfect addition to the modern minimalist lifestyle. Made from organic cotton threads from organic farms in Turkey, these towels are a triumph of circular fashion: there are just so many uses for them!!

We chose the name ARC as an abbreviation to the word archetype, the way something should be. We believe in ideals and that products should be made with those ideals in mind.
The purpose it is made for, the way it makes people feel and the benefit that has been made to the craftsman and the land where it is sourced.  These ideals are what we are looking for in our goods.
We combined the word ARC with the word LORE. Lore is the passing of information from one generation to the next. This is the heart of real craftsmanship, the master and the apprentice, the impartation of knowledge and experience. We believe that we are stewards of this planet and so the circles that surround our brand are there to symbolise an overlapping promise that we will alway seek to use sustainable methods to source our goods as well as a commitment to honour the craftsman and those that came before him.

Sometimes in life we need to take the time to pause, reflect and consider what has come before to enable us to move forward. 
Craftsmanship is a familiar concept, but in a fast-paced world of quick fixes, the essence of the word can be lost to instant solutions and mass-produced goods. 
Transcending cultures, the idea of the craftsman has always been to use what we have around us to make life better and more beautiful. The craftsman’s role was to learn, practice, refine and then pass on their skill.
As well as fulfilling a practical need, the work of the craftsman’s hands would adorn homes. Often inspired by nature; colours, intricate details and patterns were used to create designs that had significance to them and their identity as a community.
Over time much skill and knowledge has been lost and beautifully crafted goods loose out to lower quality, cheaper alternatives.
Thankfully there are signs that things are changing. People are becoming more informed and a consciousness to the way business is done is returning. We give thanks to the campaigners, journalists and businesses that came before us and we hope we can join them and others to move towards beauty, sustainability, and real craftsmanship.

Quality and sustainability are at the heart of all that we do at ARC lore. We invest in understanding the needs of our customers and match that with beautifully crafted goods made from sustainably-sourced materials.

Soft flat woven towels made on traditional hand looms, 100% made from GOTS organic cotton threads and dyes. Better for you, the maker, and our planet. 

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