Auklett is a small family business, based in London. Eve and Chidi are very passionate about the current environmental situation and, over the years, have managed to gather quite a lot of knowledge on this subject. They understand how difficult finding the right products for your lifestyle can be, and they are here to help.

Now, with more people showing interest in safe and healthy living practices, they feel that their knowledge is more needed than ever! And that’s precisely how Auklett online store came to be – it's their way to give back to the community.

Auklett brings you the convenience of everyday household products but in a way that is totally plastic free and planet friendly. All products are made from 100% Bamboo, which is completely biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable.

Auklett is accredited by for;

·       Vegan

·       Cruelty Free

·       Reduced Plastic

·       Reduces Waste

·       Carbon Conscious

·       FSC certified

In the future, Auklett wants to continue providing customers with an assortment of zero-waste alternatives to everyday items. They want to provide planet friendly products to support our customers along their plastic-free journey. Auklett's platform will also act as a hub of information, ideas, and enthusiasm to help accelerate the zero-waste movement as a whole.

They want to become a one stop shop and offer a variety of zero-waste essentials within the Home, Personal Care, Health & Beauty and On-The-Go categories.

To extend their positive impact, Auklett have also committed to donating 1% of all sales proceeds to the charity Sea-Changers. Sea-Changers is a UK based marine conservation charity that provides grants to UK marine charities and non-profits for conservation and research projects.

Read more about Auklett's collaboration with Sea-Changers here.

‘‘Chidi and Eve, Co-founders of Auklett said: We are so thrilled to join Beyond Bamboo, a sustainable company leading a move towards more conscious consumerism. We love their values and ethos of selling products that show a respect for the planet and its resources. It is fantastic that our customers can shop online with them knowing that every time they do, they make a positive impact that benefits them and the planet. Together, we will make a difference!’’

Check out the Auklett range here.