Ayam Organics – producing organic cotton clothes – was founded in India’s South Goa by Ute Ferrao in 2012.

Ute Ferrao at her Eco Resort home in South Goa.

The seed was sown one summer when the India based German entrepreneur was visiting her homeland with her children. A close friend of hers complained about how difficult it was to find leggings made of organic cotton in Europe. It was then that the concept of Ayam Organics was born, offering comfortable, ecological and 100% natural leisurewear not just for yoga practise.

Ute has been passionate about following an organic and ecological approach to life for years. She knows the importance of actual usability i.e. blending style with comfort. When it comes to yoga and sports, it’s important that the clothing stretches well and this is where the brand takes its name – ‘Ayam’ means ‘stretching’ in Sanskrit.

Although Ayam Organics was born in India, its origins are from a truly international background. An Indian based German founder, the line was designed by an Italian fashion designer and the original logo and branding was created by renowned British artist Kate Milsom. And of course, the material is produced in two Indian states by local producers. 

When we claim production of our organic cotton to be sustainable, we mean that not only Ayam Organics, but Global Organic Trading Standards (GOTS) inspectors have visited our producers in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat to ensure no non-organic produce is present in the factory and working conditions meet GOTS standards; which include only certified organic materials, no child or forced labour, fair wages and paid overtime.

Clothes that provide comfort is our main goal. And our organic cotton clothes are especially suitable for leisure. Our fabric provides enough stretch and holds its shape. It is not designed to suffocate you but to provide comfort so you can let go and focus on your practise and personal wellbeing.

You cannot be good to yourself without simultaneously being good to everything and everybody around you.
On a physical level, a big part of yoga is about bringing more oxygen into your cells. Having the skin, which absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere, covered by clothes which contain toxic residues, does not make any sense.


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