Meet Ingrida, a (vegan & cf) beauty blogger who has extremely sensitive skin. This meant that she struggled to use many of the products she was sent to test and led her to create her B.U. BEAUTY brand. Ingrida was missing some beauty products in the market and knowing other people would have the same problems, she decided to create them.

"Being a beauty blogger I get to work with a lot of amazing brands, though the down side of it is that EVERYTHING is packed (or at least has some) single use plastic that is straight away tossed to the bin (and it can’t be recycled!) with no other use for it". 

Her super sensitive skin also means that Ingrida is often unable to use the majority of the makeup, brushes and makeup removing pads that are available on the market. 

B.U. BEAUTY brand products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, naturally hypoallergenic, non toxic, sensitive skin friendly. All the packaging is 100% recyclable and contains no (single use) plastic packaging.

"B.U. BEAUTY is so small and yet we’ve managed to achieve something so big No PLASTIC packaging...Yes I agree that plastic is way cheaper, but it just shows that if you really want to change something - you can!"

All B.U. BEAUTY brand brushes are created by Ingrida. There was a lot of trial and error during the testing process and due to her super sensitive skin the bristles needed to be extra soft, and able to blend with ease, liquids and powders. The same goes for the makeup remover pads - the material combination was finally manufactured that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin, would be water activated and remove even waterproof makeup without rubbing.

All the packaging was designed by Ingrida. The makeup brush packaging can be recycled or reused for the makeup brush (or lipstick, or pretty much anything) storage. It looks super cute and classy on the vanity table. 

Check out the 100% non toxic makeup and plastic free products that are currently available at B.U. BEAUTY.