Buttons for Beans creates eco-friendly clothing for under 3s upcycled from unwanted materials.

This is Cat. Prior to lockdown she hadn't done any sewing since school - it just goes to show how you can do anything you put your mind to!

"I have always been passionate about the environment, even more so when I had my son and didn't want his generation to suffer the consequences of ours".
Cat only bought clothes secondhand, mainly from charity shops. Fast forward to a global pandemic and national lockdown it wasn't so easy to source" clothes for their little Bean and so I took up needle and thread in an attempt to make my own from what I already had.
Cat tells us it all started with an old duvet cover that she transformed into dungarees...Surprised to find how good they looked and how much she enjoyed making them. A family member then gave her a load of his old t shirts, which were whipped up into leggings in no time! Scraps became hats and shirts made into shorts. Then one day a friend asked Cat to make something for her little boy and at that point she realised people actually liked what she was doing.

"This got me thinking about what other materials could I use and I started researching the environmental impact textile production has on our planet. I was shocked at the statistics I found having happily lived in ignorance before and thought that perhaps I could make a small difference and save some material from landfill and give it a new life as clothing".

With the encouragement of friends and family Buttons for Beans became official in November 2020. Since then 8 duvet sets, 5 curtains, 2 sleeping bags and multiple bags of clothes have been saved from being thrown out. Not to mention the buttons, elastic and zips that have been salvaged too.

"Things don't need to be new to be beautiful, they just need a little love and creativity".

Cat hopes that Buttons for Beans will show people that just because something isn't fit for its current purpose it doesn't mean it's completely useless and by thinking outside the box we can use it in another way. 

"I wanted to set up a store with beyond bamboo to be part of a movement in changing the way people shop. To be included on a platform where you don't need to research every aspect of a brand your buying from to check their eco credentials because that's already been done for you."

Check out the current range of upcycled baby clothes at the store here.