Eden perfumes are a small family business born in Brighton in 2013. Their concept was created to give an alternative high-quality fragrance to cruelty-free conscious people that like to choose compassionate shopping and not support animal testing or buy cosmetics that contain animal byproducts. Most importantly they wanted to create an alternative and increase awareness amongst non-vegans.

Many people are unaware that animals are suffering for them to smell good! Eden perfumes buy all of their oils & organic beetroot alcohol from Europe where animal testing has been banned for more than 5 years, they never buy any raw materials from outside of Europe. All perfumes are IFRA certified safe and Non-Toxic and they don’t use synthetic preservatives on any fragrances.

They are an independent British company. There is no parent company and they have no association with any organisation that conducts animal testing or uses animal derived ingredients and none of their products contain Palm oil.

Their mission statement is:

“We love animals too much to experiment on them. 

We love nature too much, we encourage recycling. 

We love humans too much, we want you to use our botanical perfumes.

We love our customers, we make our perfumes affordable.”

Well-known within the vegan community, EDEN PERFUMES is the favourite of caring customers who want to smell amazing while knowing no animal suffering has occurred in the process. Find your favourite fragrance here