"Environmental sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make at Ethical Bedding.

From our raw materials and packaging to our manufacturing methods and processes, we aim to challenge the perception of how businesses can - and should - operate.

With fairness and innovation front of mind, our products plant the seed of what is possible".

After years working in strategy and financial technology, James Higgins, Founder of Ethical Bedding, needed a change – for himself and the world. Work no longer filled him with joy, and didn't give a sense of purpose day-to-day, this had begun to have a negative impact on his physical and mental health. 

"With introspection, determination and using my innate love of nature as a driving force, Ethical Bedding was founded, where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do".

James' inspiration is to leave the world a better place for future generations to enjoy. He is openly and candidly dedicating his life to championing change in the sustainability space - one bed at a time! After nearly 2 years of development he has proudly created the most sustainable luxury textiles on the planet and turned them into the most breath-taking sleep products imaginable. Importantly, this means that this bedding:

Never hurts the planet when it's made 🌿

Instantly improve sleep when it's used 💤

Enables Ethical Bedding to help create a better world 🌍

Designed to be more than just sustainable - it is designed to help the natural world thrive.

100% ethical supply chain and production

100% sustainable and organic products

Regular and meaningful charitable donations

The only Vegan Society approved bedding on the planet!

This award-winning Eucalyptus Silk is the new benchmark for luxury...

Ethical Bedding believes in the highest quality, most environmentally friendly sleep on the planet with fair prices. The bundles and sets include savings of 30% on average, plus for peace of mind they offer a 100-Night Sleep Trial and Lifetime Warranty on all of the products.


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