Meet Victoria who started formulating her own skincare as a way of reducing waste.

She soon learnt about the huge benefits of a more natural plant-based skincare routine too! Not long after, Victoria developed adult acne which came as a bit of a shock and she had to rethink her skincare.

"I realised that I’d been throwing way too many products and too many ingredients at my poor overwhelmed skin! Around this time I’d been working on a multi-purpose facial balm and so I decided to just use this one product (plus SPF) every day and within a few months my skin was calm and under control again".

Victoria knew she wanted to share this and help other people with their own troubled skin so created the skincare superheroes and launched Happy Carrot Skincare three years ago.

As a vegan herself, she already knew how important it would be to her to achieve the Vegan Society Trademark and also the Leaping Bunny so that her customers can be sure the products are officially accredited as both vegan and cruelty free. It’s also a registered Vegan Founded business. Victoria also ensures there is no palm oil (or derivatives) in the product range and she strives to use as many upcycled ingredients as possible to keep the businesses' eco-footprint at a minimum. Sustainability is one of the core three values of Happy Carrot (along with simplicity and fun!) so this is a hugely important part of everything they do.

Where possible, the company supports as many animal sanctuaries and animal charities as they can! Through raffle prizes, sponsoring animals (rabbits..because carrots..!) and other fundraising activities. They also work with TR1BE so that for every sale and every email sign up, they help save 100m2 of rainforest. So far they have protected 2670 trees, and if they can save more of our world's precious rainforest then it will reduce the need to plant new trees!

"I’m really happy to have our range of skincare superheroes at Beyond Bamboo because we’re both working with the same values. All our customers can trust that we’re working towards a healthier future for our planet whilst they shop for amazing products!"

Check out the amazing range of vegan skincare products from Happy Carrot.