Jungley started in early 2020 as a result of a 3-year search for a durable, cruelty-free alternative to leather which was both attractive and functional. It quickly grew beyond this, and our ambition is now to make it easier and fun for people to make ethical and sustainable choices for their lifestyle purchases.

"As the brand started to take shape, I really wanted to create a brand that was a stand for kindness for animals, our environment and our global human community."

Jigs Ghaghada, Managing Director, Jungley.

The leaf leather products are totally plant-based, vegan and PETA approved.

They have a range of things they look for in potential products and suppliers to satisfy their requirements around how products are made and working ethically throughout the supply chain. Once they have refined and expanded the product offering further, Jungley has plans to work towards more accreditations to help show the positive impact that their products make.

Jungley has a partnership with Eden Reforestation which plants trees around the world in lower income communities. Working with them provides the double-impact of working towards their climate goals whilst also helping those below the poverty line into meaningful long-term work. They also work with some small creative charities based in Watford, where they donate materials for them to use – these materials are a by-product of some of the production work in-house, so this means that nothing ends up going to waste.

"I was really inspired by the energy and passion of the BB team, both with this marketplace and also with the great work at Roundtable Global, and really felt that this was the right partnership and platform to help provide exposure for the Jungley brand and help us connect with other like-minded brands that hold a vision of a more sustainable near-term future".

Jigs Ghaghada, Managing Director, Jungley.

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