LUXStore are a young family on a mission to change the period paradigm. Travel is a great passion of theirs and having witnessed firsthand the devastation plastics cause to our oceans, marine life and our soil. They want to rid the world of plastic period products that are sold to appear cheap, when in fact the cost to women’s health and the cost to the planet is so high, its crippling.

So they decided to be change makers and start their own revolution. They have turned their home and the products within it organic. As consumers they decided to vote with the choices they made, by buying organic goods.

That was a great first step , but they decided to expand their revolution and make organic products themselves. Period products are ubiquitous, but little is known about how and importantly what they are made with. Even when they learned that they are made from plastic they struggled to find viable alternatives.

An informed consumer makes the choice best for them. When it comes to period pads, there is a choice too. Plastic period products, over time could possibly, really upset your hormonal balance, cause painful periods, bloating, acne, bad skin, fertility issues, to name a few.

Their goal is to create a range of organic period products at an affordable price. But how can you tell the difference, if the ingredients aren’t published on the packs of all mainstream products? At LUX they publish all of their ingredients on the packs. Because, to them, you matter, PERIOD!

LUX products (Pads, Underwear) are: Made from 100% organic, bio-degradable, hypo allergenic cotton which is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and by the Institute of Ethical & Environmental Certification (ICEA). Free from plastics, pesticides, rayon, perfumes and other chemicals.

This means that LUX exists, so women can enjoy healthier periods. And now, you CAN make the right choice! Get your pads here today