Laura Crawford founder and CEO of Mama Bamboo set up the business back in 2018 after being horrified as a Mum of two by the general acceptance of nappy rash in babies and by the staggering amount of plastic disposable nappies & wipes which were sent to landfill every day in UK alone (3 billion nappies a year!). She and her best friend from university, Jennie, quickly set about building a business which addressed this concern.

Mama Bambo became a certified B-Corp in November 2020 (the first European nappy business to do so). A B-Corp business is one that meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B-Corps don’t just care about profit – they care about the planet and everyone on the planet too.

Mama Bamboo has been recognised as a winner in the Best for the World Environment category for the past two years and also have the Ethical Company Award from the Good Shopping Guide.

They promise to conscientiously recruit to balance gender and diversity, as well as reflect that diversity across all marketing materials and imagery to ensure that Mama Bamboo is fully inclusive.

They launched the #NappyRevolution campaign, where we called on DEFRA to change the way councils handle nappy and wipe waste, because there needs to be a change (and fast!). Mama Bamboo want there to be an accessible end of life solution for all of their products, not just the wipes. The organisation is not quite there yet, but are continually striving to reach this goal.   

In support of In Kind Direct ‘Give another Mother' scheme They offer customers a matched donation scheme. For every £ a customer donates, they match them and provide nappies and wipes to less advantaged families in the UK. Also a Platinum friend of the Bamboo village in Uganda, which support local communities by creating jobs within the bamboo plantation and business village. Through this partnership, carbon emissions are offset and bamboo planted in order to improve the ability for locals to become more self-sufficient. In addition each year Mama Bamboo donate 20% of their net profits to charity.

"We share very similar values with Beyond Bamboo; here at Mama Bamboo we want to make choosing eco-products as easy as possible for people and to show the world that you do not have to compromise on quality to go green. Our nappies outperform plastic versions on several levels; softness, absorbency, nappy rash control AND eco-friendliness. We believe people should have easy access to these better products, better for them and better for Mama Earth".Laura Crawford CEO

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