The sisters behind Milly & Sissy have always been super passionate about animals and the environment and back in 2006 Milly read the United Nations “Livestock’s Long Shadow” which left a big impact on her. It talked about the global ramifications of feeding the population with meat, the environmental impact and future destruction caused by it. Milly also lived in Asia for 6 years when, at that time, there was little respect for animals and became a big advocate of Animals Asia who do a great job rescuing the moon bears who are caged, lifelong to farm their bile which is then used as a medicine. Milly and Sissy have always been passionate about animals and the environment so working with products which support a more sustainable way of living, fits with their core values perfectly. They both have rescued animals at home and both try to live as sustainably as possible.

All their products are made from 99.7% natural ingredients. The base the formulations are olive oil, from Provence in France, coconut oil and argile from France.

The synthetic fragrance represents only 0.2% of the entire product with 50% of that being biodegradable and allows them to keep the formulations allergen free.

The formulations are free from SLS (sodium laurel sulphate, the ingredient used to create the froth & also cause skin irritations), parabens (preservatives which can cause skin irritations and more sinister problems), allergens and palm oil free. They are also allergen free so suitable for those with sensitive skin.

• The products are (& always will be) vegan and are cruelty free (soon to be certified)

Milly & Sissy is in the process of obtaining (and almost there with) Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society accreditations which they are super pleased about. It gives the consumer the reassurance that the products are what we say they are. In terms of future plans, they would love to help make sustainable options more mainstream and open to the whole population, even those who don’t give that much focus to living sustainably. They believe that once products are more accessible, and in front of the customer, they’re more likely to make better choices.

The business supports lots of local charities on a regular basis which we love to do and many are animal related and we support Animals Asia on an ongoing basis as they’re doing such a fantastic job.

"We’ve set up a store at Beyond Bamboo as we share exactly the same values which is important for us. We’ve loved all the people at Beyond Bamboo who also speak so passionately about the environment and animals, it’s clearly not just a business for them, it truly is a passion, which we love. We also love the fact they are a B2C and B2B platform which brings a lot of potential for us".

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