‘Muzzled’ is about fun, personal representation and bold statements using eco-friendly, sustainable earth-positive garments and materials with an ethically friendly workforce.


Ace, the guitarist with UK rock band Skunk Anansie heads up this new brand of streetwear. 

The imagery on the ‘Muzzled’ range is rooted in Ace’s hand drawn, illustrative graphic design background, having studied at the Brunswick College of Art & Design before joining Skunk Anansie and touring the world.


"Muzzled is my new design brand of rock inspired streetwear. I am also the guitarist of UK rock band Skunk Anansie and have been for the last 27 years. I've been at the front end organising the Skunk Merchandise for years and decided to start my own one!"

All the designs are rooted in a hand drawn, illustrative graphic design background. Ace studied in the mid 80's at the Brunswick College of Art & Design in Gloucester and worked professionally for design studios for 10 years. 

"I personally love all things from Medieval woodcuts to Modern design concepts and wanted to make this range an expression of myself as well as an enjoyable business to run with caring and responsible people who are promoting wellbeing, inclusivity and diversity."

Ace's future aspirations are to continue to be agile, flexible and creative with his designs and releases, and to sell products as well as supporting the manufacturers of the garments and Beyond Bamboo to grow as a service.

Ace is a global Ambassador for Roundtable Global and has been involved in the Global Youth Awards for the last 5 years. He is also an ambassador for Music for All, a charity that provides underprivileged children with instruments and music lessons. Also involved in various charities through Skunk Touring which brings in cash from signed memorabilia that they sell on tour. Different charities are nominated each tour ie. Music Support, Riders for Health, Shelter etc.

"I am totally honoured and excited to be able to join the ethical and creative movement of Beyond Bamboo, not only with my products, but to collaborate with the team to help develop and nurture this incredibly special and important project."

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