From a very young age Gavin from No Ordinary suffered severe eczema and allergies and found out in his teens that is was largely due to chemicals in products and food causing the irritation. Gavin who is a professional hair stylist set out to create his own products that would not only be kind to him but also his family, the consumer and the planet. 

The products contain naturally derived and organic ingredients and Gavin hopes, in the very near future, to start building our trust through official accreditations.

The packaging has been really thought about. Gavin says: 

The main benefit of a refillable bottle is the reduction in plastic production. It's really important for us as a company to keep all of our bottles in circulation. That way, we can prolong the use of that one bottle, keep it out of recycling, out of landfill, but then even when it's damaged, even when it's out of use, it can still be recycled or repurposed after”.

You can then purchase refills in 100% recyclable packaging. Be sure to check the instructions for how to recycle the refill sachets. 

The small team at No Ordinary would love to see independent companies starting to make an impact on the huge companies that hold all of the power. This way we will see a massive shift in the way business in conducted.

No Ordinary is part of a continued effort to plant more trees by offsetting with every purchase and absolutely loves what Beyond Bamboo stand for.
"If we can all stand together and unite we can create change".
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