Misha started her small business Petalpad as a social enterprise looking at ways to offer better distribution of period products to everyone. The inspiration for the business and products came from real experience - as Misha noticed more could be done to improve the way period products are distributed and used by individuals. Having a better distribution system of period products in schools, workplaces and organisations could help to support period dignity whilst promoting more eco-friendly sanitary products.

It is an absolute priority that Petalpad's products maintain good natural ingredients and all eco-friendly materials. That is why only source manufacturers who abide by ethical and good workplace guidelines and who are certified under the Swann Eco label and beyond supply materials for the products. 

"I only work with companies who are open and clear on matters of sustaining an eco-friendlier environment and good working conditions for people". 

The distribution of products is targetted at those who need the products the most. Misha's aim is to promote the products to schools, workplaces and organisations.

"I regularly donate free period products to my local trust charities and to supermarket charities who provide a service to those in need. My business for now is small but hoping to develop bigger so more can be donated!"

Products include:

  • Pad and Wipe – 3 or 5 pack of natural winged pads accompanied by organic flushable wipes  
  • Bag and Pads initiative -  Natural netted wash bag or dispensers accompanied by natural pads, natural tampons with eco-friendly disposable sanitary pads. – perfect for schools and workplaces.  

"Beyond bamboo aligns with my passion of conscious consumerism, locally business support and ethical sourced and sustainable products"

See the range from Petalpads here.