Friends since childhood, Juliette and Mandi set up Sails and Canvas in June 2015…and for them it’s all about the sailcloth!


…..AND NOW !

Their story and – The story of the sail…

We have a passion for old sails – they come in to us after a life of adventure often smelling of the sea and crusty with salt, they have been loved by their owners and then we give them a new life and pass on that love. Our original sailcloth & colourful marine canvas lifestyle products are hand made in our estuary sail loft workshop on Topsham Quay in Devon.  

Every sail we use means less sailcloth ends its life in landfill and that is our other passion…reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sailed – We think old sails are beautiful, it can take a long time and many adventures to get them looking like they do. Whilst we do our best to remove any marks and imperfections picked up on the way, one or two still remain. We feel this adds to their beauty and makes them original.

Saved – We try to use all of the sail…telltails, piston hanks, original sail numbers, class logo and insignias. Sails are incredibly strong and durable but they are made from a synthetic man-made material which is not biodegradable. Imagine what happens to them in a landfill, probably not a lot is the answer! So the more we upcycle, the less is dug into the ground…and if we can help to do our little bit, it makes us happy.

Sewn – We take pride in designing and hand-making each item in our sail loft studio on Topsham quay, Devon…the sail has completed its journey from the sea to our studio and is ready to start its new life as an original S&C item. Will you be the one to take it on its next adventure?

Do you have any unwanted sails lurking in your garage or attic? Are they just gathering dust and taking up space? Not sure what to do with them! We upcycle old sails into beautiful new sailcloth home and lifestyle products. contact us @
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