Samantha, and her daughter Lily bring you a brand that promises to provide you with 100% natural skincare at affordable prices.

There are far too many products that have synthetic ingredients added, which don’t need to be there. They have a negative effect to our bodies and skin.

Samantha wanted to strip it right back to basics and only add ingredients that have a benefit to your skin, body and mind. 

After studying Aromatherapy over 10 years ago, Samantha fell in love with Essential Oils. Essential Oils play a big part of her daily life and have helped with anxieties, aches and pains. Samantha creates her own unique oil blends from Organic Essential Oils which are all certified Organic and developed from years of training and research. 

"Lily was born in January 2018. Lily suffered with eczema and skin allergies. She was prescribed emollient steroid creams that contained paraffin. The packaging was marked ‘HIGHLY FLAMMABLE’ ...... Who wants to smother their child in a highly flammable substance?? I didn’t….."

In looking for something more natural, Samantha found that so called 'natural' products on the market were often full of synthetic ingredients. And so Samantha Lily was born - a brand making 100% natural and organic products.

"I realised that I could make products that were a lot better for my daughter than any on the market so I started. The products I made took away her eczema in days and I started from there".

Samantha Lily is a small independent business who likes to give back where it can. Samantha has given the Mamas Body Butter to a ladies cancer support group as its great for ladies who have breast cancer or who are recovering. Also donates to several mental health charities and a charity that helps terminally ill children.


Check out the natural organic range from Samatha Lily.