This business started with the set up of a new charity called Padding Africa, an organisation that supplies free washable sanitary pads to school girls in Southern Africa. The products are bought from rural women that have been trained and set up to with the technology to sew sanitary pads for their communities. Tanya founded Padding Africa to work with rural woman and school girls in Southern Africa around the issues of period poverty and giving them solutions.
During the pandemic Tanya founded She’s Eve as a way to raise awareness and money to help tackle the problem of period poverty while also dealing with building awareness to the ecological issue around plastic based pads while offering an ecological alternative.
Tanya's future aspiration is to reach as many women as possible giving them better solutions and information around sanitary pads and seeing supermarkets and pharmacies stocking no plastic and non-toxic pads.
The limited edition reusable washable pads are handmade in Africa and Italy from cotton fabric from the Gucci Up program: an initiative designed by Gucci to up-cycle textile offcuts created during manufacturing. 100% cotton fabric, charcoal bamboo absorbent liners with 20% polyester, buttons in palladium, lead and are nickel free. When you buy one pack - a pack is donated to somebody in need in Africa.
The disposable pads are plastic free and 100% organic cotton.
"I love what beyond bamboo strives for inspires me and matches my motto of being conscious of the environment, dignity and our bodies and what we are trying to achieve with giving ecological options to the consumer"
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