Carol from The Artisan Skin Shop had like many, bought expensive skincare for breakout/sensitive skin in the past…Enticed by the packaging, brand, promises and the hype… you know how it is! But in spite of the cost and the promises, still experienced breakouts and couldn’t break the cycle. Sound familiar?
Carol noticed that ‘aqua’ was top of many skincare ingredients when reading the product labels meaning that the main ingredient was water.
Most of The Artisan Skin Shop products are what in the business we call 'anhydrous' (meaning water free), less water in skin products is not only great for the Earth but means our skin benefits too. Water is often used as a ‘filler’ and dilutes the effectiveness of active ingredients. 
After coming across a magazine feature about organic natural skincare, Carol had a go at making her own body butter (they are surprisingly hard to make she says…"all down to the Shea!!"). However, it soon became a hobby, experimenting, creating a lab, and practising on her friends and family! 
At present, they are working on a skincare set that includes botanical skin powders and skin elixir. These can be customised to create a face masque, night serum or an antioxidant boost. This reflects their ethos and aim of creating a multi-tasking, minimalist skincare range that is formulated with pure quality organic seed oils and botanical plant roots to ensure every part of a fruit or plant is used. 
Their Shea butter is really special. It is Fairtrade Shea from Uganda and farming it is helping to aid the recovery and economy of the region (aware of air miles but feel it is of greater good to the people). The Shea (Nilotica) has a higher oleic content than Shea from West Africa and is softer and creamier in texture.
"With organic skincare there are so many natural compounds that can’t be replicated in commercial skin products. It makes sense to put the purest most natural ingredients on your skin at effective and safe percentages. Once you have tried organic skincare you will change the way you think about the products you use. You will become savvy about the ingredients on labels, you may even do some of your own research and you will be able to make informed choices about the products you choose."
The products are full of pure organic potent skin goodies, meaning a little goes a long way - therefore less waste, and packaged in cute sustainable aluminium, bamboo and glass jars, all recyclable!
"We work hard to create gorgeous textures that produce effective results with cost and sustainability in mind. These elements are key to our business and underline what we do." 
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