This is the tale of how 2 Dads decided to build a business that revolves around a love for the planet and others.

They started out forming a band together in Manchester in the mid 90’s and immediately became firm friends. Life pulled them in different directions, Alastair qualified as a mental health nurse and John pursued a career in international marketing. They met up again 15 years later, realising how much had changed, especially the fact that they had become Dads! 

John had experienced some trying times. After emigrating to Australia, he’d experienced a series of significant personal setbacks that placed him and his two young sons in a precarious position where the threat of homelessness was very real. The impact was such that he’d sought support from mental health services to help get him through. It was clear how a stable homelife could change in a moment and it struck Alastair that if this could happen to John, it could happen to anyone.

Though the band was short-lived, they always loved the idea of working together on something worthwhile. These two Dads admire companies that do something that stands out against the norm to make a positive impact. Homelessness is an issue that is relevant to both of us, through the ongoing mental health work and John’s lived experience. 

John and Alastair decided to do something. They challenged themselves to identify products that appeal to a wide audience and, when used, leave the world in a better place. Every day millions of single-use takeaway coffee cups go to landfills – just like the issue of homelessness, this is unacceptable and preventable. It simply shouldn’t exist.

That’s when The Loving Co. was born, a company established to generate funds to support Shelter UK’s mission to end homelessness by selling UK made, sustainably produced, reusable coffee cups and donating £3 from every sale.

Determined not to be a ‘greenwashed’ business they scoured the UK market and teamed up with the wonderful folks at Circular & Co, a Cornwall based business dedicated to developing sustainable products that support the circular economy.

The Loving Co. believes a little love can make a big difference.

Future aspirations are for The Loving Co. to become known as a brand that offers products that not only help the primary user but through their sale make a tangible difference to others.  

"As a small, purpose driven brand who want to generate as much money as possible to help end homelesness we don't have the marketing budget required to reach like minded people. We're working with Beyond Bamboo because we can see that they are intent on creating a platform for brands like us to meet the right type of people that care about sustainability and using their spending power for good." 

Alastair and John feel that there's a very real possibility that more and more people can be persuaded that their spending power can make a difference and can ultimately help others feel more loved and valued. They get excited about even the thought that the business could help progress this idea.

See The Loving Co. range.