Mikaela began her business, Tranquil They Flow, because she received so many compliments and comments about a similar chakra necklace, one that she had been constantly wearing for 20 years. She believes her Chakra crystals kept her energy balanced and grounded and became interested in the power of these precious stones.

In between her Design business she started making jewellery for friends and the demand just grew. In the past year Mikaela has built up more of her Chakra jewellery, making bracelets and rings. She is now excited to become part of Beyond Bamboo as this aligns with her beliefs, that all businesses should become ethical and sustainable. Beyond Bamboo have provided consultation on packaging and reducing waste in accordance with our guidelines and accreditation service in working towards going beyond sustainability. 
All items are handmade in the UK in a beautiful Boho style.
Many of the items in the store can be adjusted to your size by either doubling around your wrist and shortening the end strings. You can also adjust the seed beads on the two end strings.
See the range of Tranquil They Flow jewellery here.