Navigating the many twists and turns of life, yoga has always been there as solace, strength and drive for Helen at Upward Salute. It was whilst on her journey to becoming a Mum that Helen decided she wanted to embrace this passion for yoga and launched her own yoga brand, Upward Salute.

Upward Salute values sustainability and producing unique activewear and accessories, that bring a smile when you step on your mat to practice.

Each hand drawn design on each pair of leggings and cork yoga mat are inspired by the wildlife we, as consumers, are trying to protect, by making more eco-friendly conscious purchases. Bringing style and sustainability to your workout.


Cork offers a great grip and naturally anti-bacterial surface to practice on. Each pair of leggings have been crafted from dis-used plastic bottles to create high waisted, buttery-soft, 4-way stretch, flattering leg wear. But more than that, each time you practice on or wear an Upward Salute piece, you will enlighten your own practice, knowing your purchase has contributed to preserving the natural world; a message echoed in each and every design.

Enjoy working out in style and sustainably! Check out their fabulous range here.

“I am passionate about driving consumer purchasing habits down a more sustainable path. I love the ethos and drive behind Beyond Bamboo and hopefully consumers will see that they can step away, with ease, from where would normally be there, go-to for convenient online purchases, and get excited and engaged by this eco-friendly platform”