Have you ever found yourself wondering what’s in period products? What are we women putting next to or into our most sensitive body part? 

We deserve to know what’s in our tampons, pads and panty liners and should be concerned by any toxins contained within many conventional brands on the market.

You can support your health and the future of our planet by considering some of the amazing products now available which have been developed with ethics, sustainability, health and our environment in mind.

Here's our guide to choosing the product that feels like the right choice for you.

Reusable Pads

Cloth pads are good for your body and good for the planet. Be sure to shop for natural sustainable fabrics and follow the insructions for care in order to prolong the life of your pad. It's a great option if you would like something reusable and like to have the option of changing whilst you are out and about.



Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup is a device (made from medical grade meterials) which is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid. It can be worn between 8-12 hours and can last several years. It may not be ideal if you have a heavy flow and are not home. You need to wash out your cup each time you change it. It may also not be suitable for younger women. They are generally available in two sizes - pre and post natal.


Biodegradable Products

There are now tampons and pads made from 100% organic non-toxic fibres with no plastic packaging. They are biodegrable and compostable. Using a brand which has only used sustainable and biodegradable materials and packaging is the best for your own health and the environement.


Period Underwear

Reusable period underwear is eco-friendly since it reduces the number of tampons and pads you use, reducing waste. They are also extremely absorbant and a great option at night time. You can rinse them in cold water and wash them in your machine at home. They can offer extra protection with a pad, cup or tampon.


Depending on your own flow and preferences choosing one of the above options during your time of the month will reduce landfill waste and the potential for plastic coated period products entering our oceans. Check out this from Plastfree if you want to read more about why they started their company.