1. Milly&Sissy has recently become Leaping Bunny certified – Please explain to us what that means and why it was important for your company to get the certification? 

For us it was super important to obtain the certification from Cruelty Free’s  Leaping Bunny programme as this gives our customers the reassurance that we are what we say we are.  It gives our customers that instant recognition on our packs that is easily recognizable of being cruelty free. Animal welfare is one of our passions and we would never compromise that in the suppliers we use for the ingredients within our products


  1. What process(es) did your company have to go through to get certified? 

To become certified was quite a lengthy process for us.  It involves asking each and every supplier to commit to the guidelines set out by the Leaping Bunny programme and also means implementing an ongoing management system to ensure that any new ingredients also comply.  Our suppliers are all European but some are very small businesses so getting them to understand what we were asking for can sometimes be difficult.


  1. What’s your personal mission – why did you set up Milly&Sissy and how does this accreditation support the company's aims? 

My sister and I are both passionate about animal welfare and the environment and really want to help improve the way people live their lives by having a reduced impact on the environment.  There is around 350 million tonnes of plastic produced every single year, which is about the same weight as the entire human population living on the planet, and as we know, plastic just doesn’t go away, it hangs around in our landfill & oceans for, in some cases, hundreds of years.  We see our range of products really helping each individual household reduce their plastic waste quite significantly.  This Leaping Bunny accreditation very much supports our values and the communication of those values to our customers.


  1. What advice would you give other companies considering this accreditation to help them on the journey?

I would encourage any other company contemplating this accreditation to go for it and persevere with it.  It’s important to understand the process from the beginning but you’re allocated someone at Cruelty Free International who guides you through the process which is an enormous help.  There are detailed guidelines given to you which should help you through the process.

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