Article by Stephanie Hodgson at MeetthefiveRs

Precious Plastic is helping to tackle our planet’s plastic pollution crisis by generating free and open information on how to build machines so that anyone can start a local recycling business. The brilliant part of this movement is not just that all of their research and development is made available to the public for free, but also that people and communities from all sorts of contexts and socio-economic backgrounds can take part. 

To learn more about Precious Plastic (PP), read my article based on an interview with the co-creator of one such workspace, Still Life in Glasgow.

As I continue to work on MeetthefiveRs and develop projects with local businesses, I can see the many ways how PP could be part of the solution. Of course I always acknowledge that the biggest piece of the puzzle is tempering demand, abating voracious consumerism and minimising waste at the design phase. But as businesses begin to make changes to their operations and tweak their business plans, there is real value in finding ways to creatively divert their current waste output.

Here are a few ways that any business from any industry could potentially exploit the Precious Plastic community to lower its disposal costs while possibly making a positive contribution to their local economy:

  1. Donate to a Workspace or a Collection Point
  2. Collaborate with a Workspace
  3. Become a Collection Point
  4. Develop your own Workspace

Read the full article at MeetthefiveRs.

MEET THE FIVERS CAN HELP. Stephanie been following Precious Plastic for years now. She has interviewed some workshop owners, visited some workspaces and even had a private tour of the space in Eindhoven in 2019. She can see all the good that it is doing (indeed, it inspired a lot of the work that she does) and so is keen to make this happen for you too. If there is any way she can help you collaborate with a Workspace or liaise with anyone in the PP community, send her an email: