Beyond Bamboo is a philosophy, it is a way of life that transcends products and services. We have created the Beyond Bamboo community to make global culture change towards restoring and rejuvenating the planet as easy as possible. It is an extension of the RoundTable Three Global Goals where we aspire to live and work as symbiotically as we can with our surroundings. To hold us accountable so we can work towards being one hundred percent responsible for what happens in our lives as individuals and as part of a collective. Our aspiration is for the Beyond Bamboo Community to inspire others to do the same.

Delphis Eco is certified a B Corp company – Please explain to us what that means to you and why it was important for your company to get the certification?

We are very proud to hold B Corp accreditation – the world’s moniker for good businesses who balance purpose and profit – our negative impact on the environment is minimal and ever decreasing. The B Corp certification means that Delphis Eco is legally required to consider the impact of business decisions on staff, customers, business partners and suppliers, community and the environment. Every year Delphis Eco’s performance is measured against the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and reported transparently. 

What process(es) did your company have to go through to get certified?

Without a doubt, the B Corp assessment is THE hardest and most rigorous assessment we have ever been asked to complete. It tests and questions every single element of your business thoroughly analysing the efficacy and authenticity of the business’s claims. It’s no surprise it is recognised as one of the hardest achievements by companies globally, and even though the numbers are growing, the pass-rate is incredibly low. 

To qualify, you ned to answer a total of 150 questions and your business must score at least 80/200 in a self assessed performance assessment that focuses on B Corp’s five key areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Workers
  3. Community (physical or virtual)
  4. Environment
  5. Customers

You will receive questions tailored to the size and sector of your business. In fact, most businesses that use the B Impact Assessment are firms that have between 0 and 50 employees.

After completing your BIA, the information from your self assessment is passed to the B Lab team. B Lab will then verify your score, rigorously analysing and verifying the long-term validity of your claims, to determine if your company meets the 80-point bar for certification.

At this stage of the process, you may be asked to produce some supporting documents to verify claims you’ve made in the BIA.

Make sure your business is in-line with the legal stuff. B Corp status is available to companies with at least six months of revenue:

  • The majority of revenue is generated through trading
  • The business competes in a competitive marketplace
  • The business is not a registered charity
  • The business is not a public body, nor is it owned by the state

You’ll also need to have, or adopt, governing documents that include an objects clause stating that the success of the business is designed to benefit its shareholders, and makes a pledge to have a material, positive impact on both society and the environment.

The final stage of certification is to sign the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence, and pay the fees.

The declaration of interdependence states that all B Corps “must be the change they seek in the world.”

To become fully certified, a business must score 80 out of a possible 200 points in an online survey of 150 questions, as well as pass a phone interview with B Lab. A prospective business must also provide the necessary supporting documentation to validate its claims, and amend its corporate bylaws to include its commitment to positive social and environmental change.

What’s your personal mission – why did you set up Delphis Eco?

It was 2007, when the idea of ‘business for good’ was relatively uncharted waters. Indeed, before leaving RBS to pursue my venture, I presented a business plan to the board around [RBS embracing] social value and they said “no”. Clearly my timing wasn’t great as they were plunging into a global financial crisis. However, I thought, actually I need to go and do something that is good for me, my soul and the world; and so Delphis Eco was born.  The aim was simple; to take eco-friendly cleaning to the masses, it was a passion project for me. At the time, I had just seen pictures of polar bears dying and plastic in the ocean on Blue Planet I. My logic was if I can have a tiny impact on reducing the amount of nasty chemicals going into the environment, I will have contributed positively.

What led you to sell through Beyond Bamboo?

Collaborating with like minded businesses is an important part of our strategy at Delphis Eco. Beyond Bamboo share the same values as Delphis Eco, educating and encouraging consumers on steps they can take to live a more sustainable life, therefore are an ideal partner for us to be working with and offering our range of products through. 

Thank you to Delphis Eco for sharing your experience with the community at Beyond Bamboo! Check out their awesome products at their store here