Starting your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle can be super easy and fun and you can totally start out making small swaps in your home which are not only good for your health, but are also good for the planet, win win!

We've spoken to some of our sellers and some of our consumers and the general message from them when thinking about sustainability in the home is to start in the Bathroom or Kitchen. These are the rooms in your home, where often, the most amount of waste is created. 

This article will focus on ideas for first sustainable swaps in your Bathroom - the products to consider and benefits of them.

Soap, Shampoo and Moisturiser Bars

Most often these products are going to be made from natural ingredients so kind to the skin. Look out for ones packaged in cardboard or paper rather than plastic. Less plastic bottles needed which are hard to recycle and often burn fossil fuels to produce. They are inexpensive swaps and you can experiment with many different fragrances and textures to find the ones which suit you and your families needs.


If you know you want a liquid soap, body wash or cleaning spray try to go for ones which can be used in refills and which do not come in plastic bottles or packaging. The refillable bottles are long lasting and can look really stylish in your bathroom. Check how you can dispose of the refill sachets / pouches - the packaging on Beyond Bamboo's marketplace will either be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Natural Products

Choosing products which are derived from natural substances contain far less toxins, if any. This is good news not only from an environmental prospective (think about toxins being washed away down drains, into water supplies and harming wildlife) but also from a health prospective. Less toxins in our diet and in the products we use directly on our bodies will reduce the chances of allergic reactions, dry skin and build up of harmful additives which can lead to health problems and disease. Its also worth thinking about reusable options such as organic natural sponges and wash cloths which can be washed and used time and time again, reducing landfill waste.


Water has reigned supreme as an additive because it’s both an affordable and neutral ingredient—it can be added to virtually any product without concerns over skin reactions. However, H2O does promote the growth of microorganisms, which means that preservatives must be used, raising questions, over potential negative impacts. Waterless enthusiasts will also argue that water actually dries out the skin, taking natural oils away as it evaporates. The benefits of an anhydrous (waterless) product is, when you remove the water, you can produce more highly concentrated formulas, which means lighter applications of a product with the same amount of oomph. In other words, a little goes a long way. What’s more, this smaller footprint requires less packaging and reduces transportation costs.

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