Beyond Bamboo are proud to sponsor The Global Youth Awards environmental category which celebrates young people from all over the world aged 11-25 that are working on projects to raise awareness, restore or rejuvenate the planet. 

The Global Youth Awards are run by young people for young people and winners are given a minimum of 12 months to become a Global Youth Ambassador which supports them with their projects and offers them mentorship, access to opportunities such as events and programmes and enables them to work on the next Global Youth Awards.


Ace band member of Skunk Anansie and head of brand Muzzled Streetwear (now available at Beyond Bamboo Marketplace) is a Global Ambassador for RoundTable Global and has been involved in The Global Youth Awards for the past 5 years. In this interview he shares his experience and insight into why he considers the awards to be so important for society today:


BB - Tell us a bit about what inspired you to get involved?

Ace - "Originally I was introduced to Tiffany by a work colleague of mine who said that it was a great cause and we should get involved. When I went to the first awards ceremony, I met Tiffany and we found out that we were from the same hometown, and I also knew her stepdad. We instantly hit it off as people, and then I was introduced to Tanith too, and the deal was sealed that we all had a lot in common. Tiffany and Tanith are such giving and genuine people that it's impossible not to want to help them, so I instantly pledged my allegiance to help them with everything I could do for them that was within my skill set and influence. I absolutely love the fantastic positivity and wonderful children and young adults who are achieving such great things to help other peoples lives. It's inspirational, heartwarming, incredible and a lot of fun too!".

BB - Why do you think it's important to have a creative musical element to the awards?

Ace - "Music and creativity is such an emotional and spiritual force that has incredible depth in helping people to feel better about themselves, come to terms with who they are, express the way they are feeling emotionally - even if it's wrong or right and achieve ways of reaching people in ways that other mediums can't. Being able to do something that makes you feel good, the people watching feel good and also do good for a cause, is really a win-win situation. How fantastic is that!".

BB - Tell us about some of the inspirational stories and people that you've come across through being involved in the Global Youth Awards, what stands out for you?

Ace - "To be honest all of them are just a massive achievement as each other, and seeing so many of them over the years, is impossible to pinpoint one that really stands out amongst the others. I've been really lucky to be involved and to be able to give awards to the winners in the categories. It's an incredibly honest thing to see a young person receive recognition for something so altruistic and wonderful. There's no fake Oscar speeches here… LOL maybe, it's the youngest ones that stand out in your mind, because of the incredible amount of maturity and giving for such a tiny person is kind of mind blowing, and personally humbling and grounding. I actually well-up thinking about these amazing young peoples achievements".

BB - This years awards ceremony is happening online in December. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Ace - "I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what incredible things these young people have dreamed up and achieved. There's also been the extra challenge of the Covid and lockdown situation which would make a lot of people give up, but these people haven't they've actually gone forward against the grain, so it makes these awards that extra bit special. I know that I will be excited to find out and probably be amazed at their ingenuity and hard work".

BB - Why would you encourage young musicians to get involved and how?

Ace - "I'd encourage young musicians to get involved, because you've got a gift that is really easy to give back, and will attract the attention of a lot of people because Music is such a universal language and people love to listen to music and go to performances. There is such a wide range of ways that you can help other people from raising money right up to music therapy and workshops. It's also got a feel good factor for yourself too, as you get to perform and express yourself at the same time as helping others". 

Categories fall under our three global goals of education, empowerment and environment and include a music and creativity category. We have increased the age range to 11-25 to celebrate more young people doing incredible things! Scroll down to nominate, It’s FREE to enter! Judges are looking for:


Passing on valuable knowledge through expertise, research or experience.


Inspiring, supporting and encouraging others.


Working to resolve environmental issues through action, awareness or innovation.


Impacting others to change through any creative outlet such as music, art and performance.