The art of feng shui and eco-friendly living compliment each other very well.  Feng shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. It is intended to open up the flow of energy in your home, bringing a sense of peace, harmony, and renewed energy. Eco-friendly living spaces ties in with this concept, since eco-friendly decorating is intended to promote a healthy, clean indoor environment (while protecting the earth as well). Both concepts are based in nature.


The bedroom is often the room where many people want to apply the principles of green living and feng shui. Here are some ideas for your bedroom.

1. De-clutter

The first step is to get rid of clutter and extra stuff that you don't really need. The items you choose to keep should spark a sense of joy and be kept organised, and even appear decorative in style.

2. Wall colours

Choose paints that are eco-friendly and toxin free (there are planty of ethical and eco concious paint brands available now). Use colors that are peaceful and calming. 

3. Lighting

Soft lighting is recommended, with candles being the ideal light source. This is good news – lower light means less energy use. Invest in natural candles that will not emit toxic elements into the air, and choose energy-efficient bulbs and electric lights that are low voltage. It's also good to allow as much natural light in as possble and choose heavy blinds which can keep in warmth as well as promote dark during sleeping hours. 

4. Bedding and Furniture

Natural organic cotton, hemp or bamboo are recommended for eco-friendly options. Make sure the dyes are vegetable-based and natural. Sheets should be soft and comfortable. Simple, sustainable furniture is recommended for green decorating and feng shui. Arrange furniture so that spaces are open and energy can flow freely over and around furniture.