Beyond Bamboo is the Market ‘place’ to be if you are a seller of new ethical and sustainable products, refurbished or upcycled goods which support people and planet. We all agree it’s time for something new…Beyond Bamboo was born out of a response for the need for planetary rejuvenation (learn more about Round Table Global and how the Global Goals came about!) and so we are building a marketplace for sellers and consumers who are hungry for knowledge and hungry for change. We shine a light on the causes and missions each enterprise supports and connects unique and inspiring sellers with the growing number of consumers who care. We are here to educate, empower and do good together for our environment and the wellbeing of all living things. 


Consciously connecting, collaborating and supporting the causes which mean the most to you as well as support and encourage us all to continually improve our processes to operate more ethically and sustainably. We recognise that we are all on a journey and that we all have to start somewhere. Together we can make a difference and inspire a more conscious way of consuming. Our community hub showcases the stories from awesome people dedicated to triple bottom line reporting and brands working sustainably to do no harm to people, animals and biodiversity. We empower consumers through the marketplace to support your cause, so that YOU CAN DO MORE GOOD! Beyond Bamboo brings our intentional energies and passions together with respect and support of each other, so that we can drive purposeful change and create a more ethical and sustainable world.

We have so much to learn through the causes and missions our amazing sellers support via their enterprises and consumers can purchase directly from them via our marketplace to support that cause. We have sourced beautiful products from local organisations which truly care about their people and the planet with drive and passion to make their living doing good in the world. Consumers can therefore purchase with confidence…


All of our sellers are working towards going Beyond Sustainability – We’ve checked, so you don’t have to!

Everything we do as a community is driven by our mutual desire inspire more conscious consumerism, work towards becoming more ethical and sustainable, to do good and keep doing better for each other, our society and all living things. We are all on a journey to living a more balanced and healthy life on this planet.

Together we can work towards…



                                                      DOING NO HARM

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