Beyond Bamboo is the Market ‘place’ to be if you are a seller of new ethical and planet conscious products and your business supports people and planet.
Beyond Bamboo was born out of a response for the need for planetary rejuvenation (learn more about Round Table Global and how the Global Goals came about!) and so we have built a marketplace for sellers and consumers who are hungry for knowledge and hungry for change. We share the stories and shine a light on the causes and missions each enterprise supports. We believe the time for mass consumption and unconscious consumerism is coming to an end and that the future is about Regenerative Consumerism. We connect unique and inspiring sellers with the growing number of consumers who care. We can learn so much from each other and together we can live a more balanced and healthy life on this planet. 


Connecting and sharing the stories which mean the most to you inspires us to live our lives in ways which support the health and wellbeing of our natural world and our communities. We recognise that we are all on a journey and that we all have to start somewhere. Together we can make a difference and inspire a more conscious way of consuming.

Whilst shopping at Beyond Bamboo you are supporting important regenerative practices such as:


Organic and Toxin Free
The Refill Revolution 
Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging
Zero Waste and Upcycling
Ethical Trading Initiative
Cruelty Free


You can be 100% confident when you shop with Beyond Bamboo that all sellers have met an important set of essential criteria just to sell here. The Beyond Bamboo team are working with each seller to assess and support them to continually improve.  

We are collectively working towards a future that goes beyond sustaining and reimagines a culture that restores, creates and cares. We call this 'Regenerative Consumerism'.

Beyond Bamboo brings our intentional energies and passions together with respect and support of each other, so that we can educate and drive purposeful change to create a more ethical and sustainable world.

We have so much to learn from our amazing sellers and many of them support charities and projects which give back.

All of our sellers are working towards going Beyond Sustainability – We’ve checked, so you don’t have to!

Everything we do as a community is driven by our mutual desire inspire more conscious consumerism, work towards becoming more ethical and sustainable, to do good and keep doing better for each other, our society and all living things. We are all on a journey to living a more balanced and healthy life on this planet.

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