It’s time for something new. For a bold and powerful movement that enables local, sustainable businesses to flourish in every part of the global eco-system at the same time as creating connected communities of change.

For the last ten years the focus on becoming more sustainable and the potential plight of the planet and humanity if we don’t, has been timely and impactful. We have slowly become more aware and more discerning in our choices as consumers. As global citizens we have managed to slow our impact while we look for solutions. To sustain means to do no more harm and is not enough. Now more than ever is the time to go ‘Beyond Sustainability’ and reverse the harm we have been doing to restore our only habitat so that it is a thriving and balanced world for future generations.

The current pandemic has shown that we can galvanise people into acting as a collective for the well-being of themselves and others globally. It has demonstrated that when we are able to tap into collective consciousness, we can create a powerful movement that demands change, a movement that can influence and affect all levels of society.

Imagine if we could create a similar global movement to change consumption and consumerism?

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth and our environmental impact will only effect our ability as humans to exist here in the long term. As the apex species it is our responsibility to be stewards and ensure that we live in symbiosis to restore the balance we have shifted.

This is why we have created Beyond Bamboo

Beyond Bamboo is a global movement focused on environmental rejuvenation through education, knowledge and conscious consumerism. We have a created an online community for people who are passionate about change to find the information and resources they need to make more ethical choices. This movement is inclusive and will support the recovery and growth of local economies in the new world that is emerging. 

Through our knowledge hub we offer guidance on reducing waste, eating more consciously, recycling, up-cycling and being carbon conscious. We are asking our community to be more aware of the environmental impact of choices they are making.

We have created a marketplace full of beautiful products sourced from local sustainable sellers that will become an ethical alternative to online retail in terms of supply chain, materials, energy, transport and supporting local communities.

COVID-19 has already dramatically changed consumer habits and research since lockdown shows that the current global pandemic provides even more compelling reason for Beyond Bamboo. More people than ever before are buying online and 33% of consumers think it’s more important that the goods they buy are locally sourced since the outbreak.

We are also focusing on the business to business market. Through our accreditation, consultancy and wholesale we are influencing organisational thought leaders to become more conscious in their decision making. We want them to give thought to where they are spending their money, inspiring customer loyalty and focusing entrepreneurial innovation. 

We are committed to using our profits to support beyond sustainable projects including reforestation, marine conservation and biodegradable material initiatives. We want to become globally renowned as a movement, community and ultimately an inspirational part of the solution for change.

Beyond Bamboo will help individuals, communities and local enterprises to survive and ultimately to thrive in the world that emerges post-pandemic. We invite you to join us