Packaging is one of the big issues facing environmentally responsible brands and Beyond Bamboo is striving to support best practices of its sellers.

The packaging that your products arrive in - i.e the box, tape, and envelope should be biodegradable or fully recyclable (and not contain plastics ideally) for the seller to be doing their best to keep packaging out of landfill. But what about the bottles and pots that your liquid soaps, moisturisers, toners, shampoos and conditioners are actually contained in?

When shopping for more sustainable products for your home, look out for glass jars, refillable reusable pump action bottles which are made of metal or glass. The pump parts of bottles are often completely non-recyclable, so choosing something log lasting and durable to to reduce the amount of them ending up in landfill is a really good idea. Moisturisers that come packaged in glass or metal jars are also great as they can be refilled with product or they can be recycled when disposed of correctly and are often beautiful enough to be cleaned up and repurposed into holders for other things such as cotton buds (biodegradable ones are available!), your toothbrushes or decorative tea lights.

Avoiding plastic containers is great but of course maybe not always be easy. You'll start to notice more conscious brands are using recycled plastics for their bottles, jars and sachets and will have researched the best and most up to date technologies for the production (and should always include clear instructions of how to recycle it) in order to reduce environmental impacts from their packaging.

When you next shop around for bathroom products thinking about the packaging and swapping some products for reusable, refillable and repurpose worthy jars and bottles will not only help to create a beautiful room but will be doing so much good for the planet too by reducing landfill waste.