The needle in Alexander Graham Bell’s first phonograph was made of it and Thomas Edison used it as a filament for his glass bulb. We’re talking about bamboo.

It's World Bamboo Day. Bamboo is amazing!...Here's why:

It requires no pesticides or chemical fertilisers

It grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years

It rarely needs replanting

It produces more oxygen than trees

It plays an important role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

It sequesters carbon dioxide and is carbon neutral

It requires no irrigation

It is excellent for inhibiting soil erosion

It grows in a wide range of environments

Its production into fibres has lower environmental impact than other forms of fibre, especially synthetic ones.

It can build houses, schools and other buildings, roads and bridges, is used in medicines, creates strong durable fabrics, can be made into accessories, can be eaten, creates fuel, scaffolding, furniture, rugs, paper, nappies, utensils and tableware, musical instruments, bicycles, the list is endless…

At Beyond Bamboo we have a great range of beautiful bamboo products from ethical sellers - the ones showcased here are:


💚 Tiny Chipmunk - Swaddles made from 100% bamboo. They feel soft and luxurious (bamboo has been compared to cashmere, and get softer each time you wash them!).



💚 Friendly Soap - Rack made from Bamboo designed to lift your soap off the sink, shower, or tub, keeping it drier because the drier the bar the longer it will last.



💚 She's Eve - Pads made from Up-Cycle Cotton outer layer, waterproof fabric liner, charcoal bamboo absorbent liner. The buttons are made from palladium; nickel and lead free. Hand made.



💚 QiEco - ECO-FRIENDLY: made from sustainably grown bamboo these toothbrushes help you move away from plastic alternatives.




💚 Jungley - Bamboo Travel Mug: All the bamboo used to make this travel mug is sourced from sustainable and managed plantations. The bamboo travel mug can be re-filled and re-used again and again, making it ideal for having coffee, tea or hot chocolates in the go.



💚 Little Herbs - Sensory washcloth in super-soft bamboo fabric. Reversible fern / dandelion washcloth to make baby's bath time visually interesting.



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