We are against cruelty of any kind. Our sellers are subject to a very strict declaration and essential criteria vetting system.  They must agree and where applicable show proof they adhere to our policies on ethical and sustainability practices regarding their company polices, products and ingredients. 

* All new products are cruelty-free, no animal testing conducted or commissioned on ingredients or products, free from any ingredient resulting from slaughter. All products are vegetarian or vegan.

* No skins or hairs, leather, suede, fur, silk, no shearling (such as angora or lambskin).

* Merino wool must be none-mulesing.

* Cashmere must be hand combed.

We also promote and champion zero waste and circular economies, we have created our Pre-loved category to keep products in circulation that could otherwise end up in landfill. 

Leather products or animal bi-products that have already been manufactured, previously owned and used before, will fall into the pre-loved spectrum; whilst we as consumers no longer wish to purchase new items that continue to support animal cruelty, we must also ensure that previously made products have the longest and most continued use.  Once no longer usable in their current state, these products can be further utilised by re-purposing, refurbishing and up cycling, these products will fall into our up-cycled and refurbished category;  by salvaging as much of these materials as possible we support a circular economy by maximising a products life span.