These terms and Conditions apply between the VENDOR (“you”, “your”) and BEYOND BAMBOO GLOBAL LTD (BBG) in connection with the provision of the services between us.  It is important that you read and understand these terms and Conditions before agreeing to them.  We are entitled to amend the Conditions from time to time and we will make updated versions available on the Beyond Bamboo Marketplace. The Vendor acknowledges that it is your responsibility to be aware of any changes made.


It shall be entirely at the discretion of BBG whether or not to accept a Vendor, acceptance will be communicated with you via our ´join us´ acknowledgement link or via direct email between the parties at which time these Conditions shall become immediately applicable.  These Conditions will apply throughout a Vendor’s term on the website or until either party wishes to terminate the contract.  Should a party wish to terminate the service/contract, notification will need to be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the contract coming to an end, this may be shorter at the discretion of BBG and in extraneous circumstances.  a)You must confirm you are established as a company, partnership, sole trader or unincorporated association or enterprise and that you have a registered trading address, a telephone contact and email address
b) You must ensure that you update any software that is necessary to enable upload of your products and that you are able to operate with the marketplace functionality at all times, ensure your virus protection is up to date and any information or data submitted to the website is free from viruses.   
c) It is your responsibility to ensure that your passwords to the Vendor dashboard remain secure and confidential, and that you inform us immediately if you feel that it has come under compromise.
d)You shall not unlawfully modify, copy, build any features, functions or graphics, or attempt to use our platform with the intention of creating a competitive product or service.
e) You must not allow access to the vendor dashboard by any unauthorised third parties who do not require access for the completion of normal business activities.
f) You agree to not knowingly cause adverse affect the reputation of BBG or the BBG brand. 
You agree to maintain your shop and all products listed within to adhere to the following Conditions: a) Ensure you upload your products immediately upon onboarding in order to live automate your store, until this process is complete your store will remain hidden.
b) It is your responsibility to ensure that your shop with BBG maintains a high standard of images and descriptions on upload. Failure to maintain and curate a suitable shop page could result in your store/individual items being deactivated from the marketplace until the issue is resolved.
c) Dispatch dates must be upheld and kept as accurate as possible on your marketplace shop.
d) External links to vendors own websites or external links to email addresses or any other contact method other then BBG must not be listed on any of the descriptions or within your store front, this could result in your store/products being deactivated from the marketplace until the issue is resolved.
e) You must ensure that your information and imagery is true to the final product and that in no way has it been misleading or inaccurate, that it is not offensive, indecent, abusive, defamatory or in poor taste.  That it is not in breech of copyright or any other infringement.
f) All stock availability must be kept up to date using the stock quantity/out of stock options, and any discontinued items must be removed from BBG Marketplace completely.  Should a customer place an order for an item that is no longer in stock/available and the customer consequently requires a refund, causing BBG to incur costs, then you the Vendor may be still be charged the commission fee on that order.
g) It is your responsibility to ensure that your product listings contains all required information for the customer to make a purchasing decision, and that all such information is accurate and that no unnecessary text or spacing is used to circumnavigate required/essential field lengths.
h) It is your responsibility to ensure that you are the legal beneficial owner of all information added to product listings including but not limited to images, logos, and descriptions. It is your responsibility to ensure that any of this information will not infringe intellectual property owned by a third party and that there will be no claims against BBG as a result of usage of this information.
i) By listing your items on BBG you agree that any items listed are not replica or design copies of any other brand/designer and will not infringe on any third party intellectual property. 
j) Uploading your product and content to BBG marketplace permits us to use the content and/or images for any of our promotional materials/editorial content and promotional activities in relation to the business and the products.  As such; i)You grant BBG a non exclusive irrevocable and royalty-free, worldwide licence to use, disclose and distribute any product information, including images and descriptions strictly for marketing and promotional purposes, thereby waiving your rights to be acknowledged as the author and not to object to the use, in whatever form, of your product information by BBG This includes the visibility or none visibility of particular products in line with current and scheduled road mapped promotions.
ii)You shall indemnify and hold BBG harmless against any and all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses and/or losses arising out of or relating to any breach in respect of any claim or action that the normal operation, possession or use of content as specified. 

a) You must ensure that prices of products (including postage costs if applicable) are charged in accordance with your own website and other similar marketplaces or any website where you sell directly to the public.
b) You are responsible to ensure that your business complies with current VAT and TAX regulations.
c) You must ensure that you do not undercut BBG, with the exception of any short term sales or promotions you may be running on your own website or other similar websites.

a)The contract of a sale between you and the customer/buyer is initiated at receipt of an order on the BBG marketplace, acknowledgement of the order to the buyer and notification to you is automated and immediate upon purchase.
b)Once an order is placed you must ensure you acknowledge the order through the Vendor dashboard within 48 hours of receiving the order email. Because of the potential for any email sending and receiving issues, your vendor dashboard should always be monitored by you or your staff representative for any new order alerts.
c) You are bound to fulfil the order as per the agreed terms and dispatch times advertised on the relevant product page, we must be notified in the first instance should there be any delays or issues with the order.
d) Once an order has been dispatched it is your responsibility to set the status to shipped on the Vendor dashboard alerting the customer the item is on its way. 
e) Where possible you should include with all orders a BBG packing slip (downloadable from the Vendor dashboard).


a)  All items sent out should be done so in a timely manner and sent securely packaged to reach their destination undamaged and in sustainable packaging.
b)  Please ensure your postage rates match those that you charge on your own and other similar websites.
c) You are solely responsible for uploading the correct shipping and postage rates according to the ranges, zones, weight or flat rate selection at shipping profile upload, should there be an error in your charges, you agree to ship at the selected rate for any in-hand orders, only after shipping can you amend the charges.
d) You agree to accurately set the correct weight of each of your items listed on BBG to provide an accurate International postage charge.

We reserve the right to amend, or alter the service provided to you at any time and any variations in this service will be subject to the Conditions.
a) On acceptance to BBG we will provide you with a log-in to our multivendor marketplace, a password which you can change to your own, and provide you with a shop front for you to upload your products, descriptions, images/media, shipping and your behind the label stories that tells our buyers why you do what you do as part of an ethical and sustainable ethos and mission. It is your responsibility as the Vendor to ensure that your shop front is always kept up to date with the functions provided by us.
b) We are providing you with a platform where you will sell directly to customers. 
c) The contract to buy and sell products through BBG is made between you the Vendor and the customers.
d) Items listed on BBG are neither owned by, nor come into possession of BBG at any time, we do not hold any of your stock.
e) BBG will regularly promote you and your products to encourage customers to place orders with you. We will manage this via, but not limited to press, blogs, email communications, newsletters, social media and search engine ads. You agree to permit BBG to undertake marketing activities to promote or sell your products in any way which it deems appropriate and in agreement with the terms laid out in clause 2j (i & ii )
f) We have the right to suspend access to our service at any time if we feel there has been a breach of security but we will notify you the Vendor and take steps to rectify the situation.
g) BBG is a movement for change and is more than simply a marketplace, we promote conscious consumerism to our buyers and work to ensure the ethos of Rejuvenate, Regenerate and Do No Harm, is supported by our Vendors,  We reserve the right to remove any products or content we feel breeches our standards of all our vendors working towards and becoming beyond sustainable.


We are simplifying our fee structure, Commission to vendors is a flat rate of 15% / 20% on the transactional value of the goods, or subject to a fee structuring agreement directly between the vendor and BBG. We prefer but will not enforce free shipping of the goods by the vendor;  this is analytically proven to be a successful selling point. However, should the charge of the financial transaction to BBG become unsustainable against the cost of shipping applied by the vendor, we may reconsider a  commission charge on the value of the shipping.
Please contact enquires@beyondbamboo.online or mail us directly from your vendor dashboard with any queries.
BBG will pay to you the amount received from the buyer less the commission fee, and VAT@20% on the commission fee, after fulfilment of the order, payments are scheduled 14 days from order fulfilment and is automated to the vendor.   It may be necessary for BBG to retain payment or a portion of the payment due, if a refund prior to goods being shipped becomes applicable, is expected or due to be given to a customer. clause 2(f)
It is your responsibility as the vendor to provide your bank/PayPal information and that you keep this information up to date for future payments.

All monies transferred from BBG to you the Vendor will be done so in GBP. Any payments to a non GBP account, or for Vendors who ship from outside of the United Kingdom will be done so in GBP to a valid PayPal account only.
We reserve the right to change our commission rate with due warning to you the vendor.


8. Refunds & Returns Policy

As BBG do not hold vendors stock, the return process of products is between the Vendor and the buyer. The monetary/payment transaction is between BBG and the Buyer and Vendor. Buyer can notify returns/exchange/refund via enquires@beyondbamboo.life. Products are refundable if notified and returned within the 14 day statutory period. Requests for returns/exchange over 14 days and up to 28 days are by request with reason.  Notification requests for returns and refunds are sent by the buyer via the BBG portal, both the Vendor and BBG will be notified. It is at the vendors discretion to offer replacement terms longer than the 28 days. Certain products have return and refund limitations and any such products must be clearly stated on the Vendor Polices upload as per (a)

a)Please state on your vendor dashboard policies any product you do not accept returns for, and the reason why; eg Sanitary, personal hygiene, made to order etc. Include your return postage policy if for any reason the terms differ from below. 

Beyond Bamboo & mandatory Vendor Refund Policy to buyers:

Refund of Product cost if defective, damaged or incorrect: Yes

Refund of original delivery costs if defective, damaged or incorrect: Yes

Refund of cost of sending the item back to the seller if defective, damaged or incorrect item: Yes (vendor to generate label and prepaid postage.)

Refund of product cost if cancelled by the buyer. Yes.

Refund of original delivery costs if cancelled by the buyer. No

Refund of costs of sending the item back to the seller if order is cancelled by the buyer. No

Any reason other than the above must be agreed with the buyer, vendor and BBG

a) You must comply at all times with all the applicable laws and regulations/trading standards in respect of manufacture, packaging (including but not limited to CE marking) and the delivery/returns of the products themselves.
b) Should you find yourself aware of any claim against you or BBG arising in conjunction with a defect in your product you must ensure that BBG are contacted and any liabilities, expenses, fines, damages losses etc in conjunction with this claim are in no way held against BBG
c) You must adhere to a returns and refunds policy in line with the GB laws of online trading standards.
d)If you are selling to or between the EU you the Vendor must adhere the European Parliament on Consumer Rights.
e) BBG shall not be liable to the Vendor for any economic loss, either direct or indirect, that arise out of or in connection with these Conditions or arise from the provision of the service or otherwise.
f) Please contact us if your products contain CBD oils; not all payment gateways support CBD and laws on CBD products change globally. 
g) The agreement outlined in these Conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising under these Conditions shall be governed by the law of England and Wales. Beyond Bamboo Global Ltd is a registered in England No. 12133739.
We can be contacted in writing at:
4 Sundale Cottages, Longmore Road, Liss, Greatham GU33 6AW