Welcome to the Beyond Bamboo Seller Community!

Learn more about the Marketplace, the how and why it came about and the benefits of being involved The Marketplace Story

Our mission is to go beyond sustainability, encourage conscious consumerism and support projects that help to restore the global eco-system. 

Beyond Bamboo not only sells new, ethical products but is also a marketplace for pre-loved, refurbished and upcycled goods from vetted sellers. 

It's free to set up your store at Beyond Bamboo. Be sure to check over the terms and conditions for information on commissions and shipping policies etc. Complete the short form to start the process of setting up your shop. Your business will in future be evaluated and given a score on the Beyond Bamboo Ethical Accreditation ratings system, which is being developed in partnership with Ethical Consumer Magazine.

Find out more about our bespoke Accreditation here.

We will welcome you as a seller to the Beyond Bamboo Community across all our social media and will help to promote the causes that you care about and sharing your story in our Behind The Label blog.


We will also work with you to cultivate PR opportunities for our mutual benefit. We feature sellers of Beyond Bamboo in AwareNow Magazine serving a global audience of 16 million monthly readers.



We offer our sellers access to coaching and development for empowerment and to work towards becoming beyond sustainable.

We are curating opportunities to showcase your products at virtual (and physical when able) exhibitions, pop up marketplaces, trade shows and other events.

We can connect you to organisations that support our ethical and sustainable ethos, for the sourcing of sustainable packaging and other innovative materials.

We can connect you to a cause should you wish to support a charity or social enterprise.

View our infographic insights from the the 'Ethical Markets Report' here.


View our latest packaging guidelines here.


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