Cork Belt Reversible

Our reversible cork belts are recognised for their stylish look and feel, perfect for a causal or formal look. It’s clean, sharp lines and silver square buckle, make this Cork Belt stand out. It’s durable and robust  so it will also last a long time. Handmade from genuine cork, this vegan men’s belt will bring the finishing touch to your out-fit.

Features of reversible cork belts

3 cm width, thin stitching, silver buckle with single pin, reversible

How to measure for the correct belt size:

Measuring for the correct belt size is simple. You can either use an existing belt you already own (old or new it doesn’t matter) Simply lay the belt down on a flat surface, then take the tape measure and start by measuring the side where the buckle meets the material & prong. (Do Not Include The Buckle In Your Measurements, Please Refer To The Diagram Attached) from this point you need to continue all the way down the belt to the hole which is currently in use.

Alternatively, you can take a tape measure and measure the full circumference of your waist to get to your exact measurement, we suggest adding 2cm to compensate for weight fluctuations and minor inaccuracies, we do also advise you to do this whilst wearing an existing pair of trousers you already own.

Our Sizing Chart for this particular Cork reversible belt is stated below. In the instance where your measurements are in-between the below guidelines, we highly recommend that you select the larger of the two sizes, remember that you can easily have a new hole punched into the belt too.

Waist Size 26-28” select belt size 85 cm which is 33 inches

Waist Size 28-30” select belt size 90 cm which is 35 inches

Waist Size 30-32” select belt size 95 cm which is 37 inches

Waist Size 32-34” select belt size 100 cm which is 39 inches

Waist Size 34-36” select belt size 105 cm which is 41 inches

Waist Size 36-38” select belt size 110 cm which is 43 inches

 If you are struggling to measure a belt or have a particular concern regarding our size guidelines or  description please get in touch with us.

We would be more than happy to assist you with the purchase of one of our belts, and to also ensure that we get it right the first time.