Amadeus is a semi fine jewellery brand, handmade in the UKwith a focus on sustainability and ethical practice.

  • We use recycled fair-trade silver and gold in all our jewellery.
  • Our gemstones are either recycled from vintage pieces or hand sourced in legislated and fair-trade mines that provide accurate tallying of toxic mining waste and that replenish mine sites.
  • Our pearls are hand-picked in a eco-friendly Asian sea farm.
  • By working directly with the communities of those mines and farms we cut all the middle agents to ensure the money goes back into the local communities.
  • We avoid harsh chemicals often used in jewellery making.
  • We only produce a few collections a year and are very proud to create ethical jewellery for women by women. 
  • Any remaining jewellery from previous collections is dismounted and melted to make new pieces.
  • Our environmentally friendly packaging is made to last.

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