EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter

The idea of EcoSparkles sprung in the late spring of 2016. Our CEO, Nanna, had just returned from a life changing journey to the South American rainforest, where she had worked with animal rescue and help to protect the Amazon Rainforest. 

Being deeply involved in the scandinavian festival scene, she received an art grant to make a glitter station at one of the biggest co-creation festivals in Europe. But how could glitter, festival lifestyle and environmental protection be combined? After looking into the world of glitter it became clear that even though the biodegradable glitter actually existed, it was impressively hard for consumers to actually purchase, as there was no end-customer sellers on the market yet. 

We got in contact with Bio-glitter® in May 2016 and within a few weeks we were officially the third company in the world selling Biodegradable Glitter. 

Here 3 years later we have combined the love for glitter, festivals and the environment into en ethical company - EcoSparkles - who works with the products to establish communication, debating and information about our global struggles to take care of the earth. EcoSparkles is so much more than a glitter business, we work with ambassadors worldwide, do happenings locally to raise awareness about the environment, work with families and kids who struggle in different ways, support the local LGBT community for asylum seekers and lastly we donate 8% of our yearly surplus to Amazoonico in Ecuador who work hands on with protection of the rainforest and rehabilitation of wild animals rescued from captivity. 

We are a tribe of fiery souls, we are EcoSparkles. 

Thank you so much for your choice to support us so we can continue our work to spread guilt free glitter and help where help is needed. 

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