Sea Life, Cork Yoga Mat, Pilates, Fitness Mat

Cork Yoga Mats


Our Sea Life, cork yoga mat is crafted from premium grade cork from Portugal and a biodegradable foam on the underneath, that is free from PVC and latex. Bringing to you a yoga mat that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Our cork yoga mats are ideal for most types of Yoga, Pilates or other mat based exercises.

All designs are individual and unique. They have been hand drawn and then printed onto the mat using only eco-friendly inks.

Key Features

  • Cork has naturally occurring anti-slip properties, which improves your grip as you workout. Cork + Sweat = Grip

  • Durable and low maintenance. Your cork yoga mat will need cleaning occasionally, but water, mild soap, or essential oils once a week will more than suffice for even for the most devoted yogi.

  • Longer and wider than standard mats

  • Provides support to wrists, joints and knees (4.5mm thick)

  • Naturally anti-bacterial and odour repelling

  • 100% Natural Cork, for an eco-friendly and sustainable practice

  • 100% TPE Foam backing for support. Unlike natural rubber, TPE is hypoallergenic and is biodegradable

  • Lightweight, approximately 1kg, so perfect for travel and to carry to and from the studio

  • Handmade, individual designs to bring vitality and a smile when you step onto your mat

Dimensions - 185cm long x 66cm wide

Thickness - 4.5mm

Weight - 1.1kg (approx)


Like a free spirit at sea, our Sea life cork yoga mat, was designed to embrace the calming influence the ocean and its marine life can bring. When you step on this mat express your movements with the same fluidity as if you were a fish swimming amongst the waves.

Here at Upward Salute we are passionate about our planet and the creatures upon it. We develop products that are meant to last with eco-friendly materials, not products destined to pollute our oceans. Step on your Sea Life cork yoga mat with pride knowing you are doing your bit to protect our cherished marine life.


After your practice, lay the mat to dry if it has become moist from sweating, before rolling. Always roll cork side facing out. Store in a dry place at room temperature (not near a heater) and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Our mats are easy to clean, just simply wipe them down with soap and water or with a natural anti-bacterial spray. You can even make your own with some essential oils, water and white vinegar.

Not machine washable.