Moddanio Cork Collection

Where Nature meets Fashion. Moddanio is a unique British lifestyle brand offering a range of cork fashion accessories and bags for men and women. Using cork to make fashion products does absolutely no harm to the environment as during the harvesting process no trees are cut down or damaged. The Oak tree’s bark is simply removed and over time a new layer of cork regrows, making cork a renewable resource and an environmentally friendly material. Cork is also a durable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and extremely light fabric that is easy to take care of. ​ As in nature no two items are alike, these products are the epitome of individuality, making your purchase as unique as you are. The different textures and durability of cork not only makes your product last through every day wear and tear but also makes it appropriate for all occasions. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and provide excellent quality in our products, ensuring our clients get the best value for money.
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