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Beyond Sustainable Global Community.

Restoring & Rejuvenating The Planet

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Welcome to Beyond Bamboo the ethical online marketplace to buy products that don’t just make you feel great, they do great things in the world too! All of the products featured on our site come from incredible sellers that want to make the world an ethical and sustainable one. We have a whole range of beautiful products that are either from sustainable sources, up cycled, recycled or giving back to communities that need support and you can help just by shopping here!

Beyond Bamboo empowers you to make conscious, ethical consumer choices without the hassle of visiting multiple websites.


The Global Community

Beyond Bamboo® is a community for like minded people and organisations passionate about becoming beyond sustainable creating an intention to work together to restore and rejuvenate the global eco-system. A place for you to find knowledge, resources and services that will help you, your families and your business on your journey of change.

Working with global experts and partners to ensure that our services are as ETHICAL as possible and work towards becoming BEYOND SUSTAINABLE.
Beyond Bamboo® aspires to deliver our Global Goal in Environmental Rejuvenation.

Going Beyond...

Beyond Bamboo® is a philosophy, it is a way of life that transcends products and services. We have created the Beyond Bamboo to make global culture change towards restoring and rejuvenating the planet as easy as possible. We aspire to live and work as symbiotically as we can with our surroundings, to hold us accountable so we can work towards being one hundred percent responsible for what happens in our lives as individuals and as part of a collective. Our aspiration is for the BB Global Community to inspire others to do the same.


Knowledge and tips for conscious consumerism and reducing your impact on the planet.


Bespoke consultancy services and products - specialists in the hospitality industry.

Near You

Discover experiences, products and places near you that are working towards our global goals.