Delphis Eco Multi-Purpose Spray | 700ml


Our EU Ecolabel accredited Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaner, tough on grease, dirt and stubborn marks. It works brilliantly on all surfaces to leave them clean and shiny. It’s also safe and effective for wool and stain resistant nylon carpets and rugs. 

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Why buy from Delphis Eco

  • ‘We don’t just sell cleaning products, we sell the opportunity to be more sustainable’ Mark Jankovich, CEO
  • Delphis Eco are the UK’s largest manufacturer of eco-friendly products 
  • All products are made from plant based, renewable and sustainable ingredients
  • Pioneers of the UK’s first 100% recycled & recyclable plastic bottle packaging
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the UK

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1 review for Delphis Eco Multi-Purpose Spray | 700ml

  1. Emily Doe

    Awesome multi-purpose cleaner which is suitable for carpets and material furniture too!! Got to love a product with so many multi uses and therefore cutting down on the need for multiple products (and bottles!)

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