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The Ditsy Cloth is a reusable makeup remover. To remove makeup, simply add warm water and wipe away. You can use your Ditsy Cloth as many times as you like before placing it into a washing machine with all your other clothes. It will then be ready to use again and again.

* Vegan and cruelty free
* Reusable, sustainable and ethical
* Hypoallergenic, super soft on your skin
* Removes all makeup, even waterproof and long lasting
* Save yourself a fortune

Always wash before first use !!

2 reviews for Ditsy Cloth

  1. Jayne

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I received it as a Christmas gift, as I wear lots of makeup and use one-time usage wet wipes that I feel bad about. I honestly have always been skeptical about things like this, because I think usually when you switch to sustainable products you are trading saving the environment with a slightly less convenience product. Happy to say I was proven completely wrong. This wipe actually removes makeup way better than the wet wipes. I never have mascara smudges underneath my eyes anymore. It’s also really easy to get most of it in one go due to the size of the cloth, instead of having to keep circulating around the small wet wipe surface. This is also minor but I really like that the packaging is inclusive as well, not only white women wearing makeup, but also a black man was featured. There is just two downsides to this cloth, and the first is that I need to wash it after about 4 uses, and the makeup doesn’t come completely out. While I haven’t found that the old makeup stains are rubbing off on me, I don’t know how many uses I realistically will get out of it before I’m in need of a new one. The second downside is that it makes my skin VERY dry after usage, so I have to use moisturizer right away. Still, they definitely beat all the single-use wipes and in terms of thoroughness, knock the wipes out of the water.

  2. Tanith

    Bought for my daughter as a gift and she loves it! even after multiple washes it stays super soft and she doesn’t need anything except water with it to remove all of her makeup

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