Earth Day 2021 Tyrebelt


Earth Day Recycled Bicycle Tyrebelt, Vegan Jeans Belt with White Dots



Have you ever seen such a fancy bicycle tyre? I think you have never really watched the beautiful pattern on each tyre! The world is changing and leather belts are not popular anymore. Sustainability is the new luxury, so please make positive choices when you are shopping. This belt is not only consciously made but also fancy and so unique. Embellished with tiny little dots and fitted on a matte silver buckle, perfect for a strong woman or a stylish man. Laura Zabo’s upcycled belts are : – handmade in England – carefully handcrafted from upcycled tyres – the current pieces are made out of factory rejected, disused tyres collected only from UK – this belt has a beautiful organic pattern – long lasting and durable – great value for money – matte silver buckle and loop – width: 4cm, 1.5″ “The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” —Gaylord Nelson Available sizes : S-3XL SMALL: 27″-29″ 69-74cm MEDIUM: 30″-32″ 76-81cm LARGE: 33″-35″ 84-89cm X-LARGE: 36″-38″ 91-97cm XXL: 39-41″ 99-105cm 3XL: 42-45″ 107-114cm The belts are always a bit longer, so if you are not sure about the exact length, don’t worry, you will have some space to add a couple of extra holes if it’s needed, otherwise it’s very easy to shorten the belt with kitchen scissors. Typically, belts are measured from the edge of the buckle to the middle hole. This measurement does not usually include the buckle itself. Because belts go around your pants, not just around your waist, a properly fitting belt will usually be a little larger than your waist size or pants size. If you already have a belt that fits but aren’t sure what size it is, you can measure it to determine your belt size. Do not measure the belt from end to end. Lay the belt out flat and measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (do not include the buckle itself in your measurement) to the hole that you normally use. Choose the belt size that most closely matches this number for a perfect fit. One way to determine which belt size to choose is to buy a belt that is one to two inches larger than your current pants size. For example, if you wear a size 34 pants, you could order a size 36 belt. If you are in-between sizes and require a customised size, please specify the exact length you would like your belt to be, including the buckle. Please note that jeans sizes are generally smaller and should not be used as an accurate measurement. Please specify the position you would like the first (tightest) hole and the last (loosest) hole. If you have a current belt you are happy with, please measure that and supply us with the information on length and hole positions. We carefully clean and cut every tire to create belts which are durable, long-lasting and very comfortable/stretchy. Over time if your belt becomes curved, simply roll it backwards and secure with a rubber band overnight and it will be perfect again. SHIPPING Free Worldwide Shipping

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