Lucky Day Clover


From lazing on a childhood summer lawn searching for the elusive four leaved clover, to dreaming of the fabled Irish luck, we’ve all wished for more luck in our life.

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Lucky Day Clover can’t magically improve your luck, but she can remind you that luck comes your way constantly, and to notice it when it does. A simple thing like bumping into a friend you’ve been missing is lucky. Or not knocking over a cup of coffee.
Luck is ever present we just need to enjoy it when it happens rather than bemoan it when it doesn’t. The daily practice of observing and appreciating positives is an important step towards developing a positive outlook on life, gratitude for positive experiences has been proven to improve wellbeing.

With a hand beaten matt finish and soft polish this lovely little charm perfectly captures the elusive magic of a four leaved clover.

Sterling silver


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