Luxury Horse Insect Repellent





This vegan Lemongrass insect repellent provides much needed cruelty free protection for your horse against flies, gnats, midges, mosquitoes, noseeums and black fly. As a natural organic insect repellent it can provide protection for up to six hours for your horse – so why not give them the relief they need, you know they deserve it.

– Repels mosquitoes, gnats and midges from horses.

– Fast, simple, effective, natural and deet free.

– Silent application – NO HISS so NO DISTRESS for your horse, unlike the spray on repellents!

– Concentrated, totally waterless repellent lotion formula to keep insects away.

– Easy to apply, animal-friendly scent, value for money.

As part of our commitment towards a zero waste footprint we are now offering our bars in cardboard containers or bar-only refills – in line with this we have also reduced our bar prices again for 2020. If you still feel the need for an aluminium container you can purchase them here.

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Large (in box) 68 grams, Large (refill – no box) 68 grams