PLASTFREE Organic Large sanitary Pads (Pack of 2)


Premium, Biodegradable, Ultra thin,
Organic Cotton Sanitary pad

5 x Absorption than leading brands –
280ml, 290mm length

Winged, Antibacterial Anion Strip,
Plastic Free, Chemical Free and Hypoallergenic

Vegan approved, performance
certified by SGS, Microbiological testing by MSL

100% Recycled paper boxes with
Standard delivery within 2-3 days

Collection:  Plastfree
Item will be shipped in 1 business day


This pack contains 2 x 14 Organic Large pads, total 24 individual products.

Plastfree Large pads are good for daily wear to contain medium to
heavy blood flow and provides great comfort. Its absorption rate is the
highest amongst other pads of this size.

Absorption is 280ml and it is
290mm long.

Ladies, do you have heavy blood loss?  Count on our Plastfree Large
range. It gives the best comfort to you in your first couple of days when the
blood loss is maximum. Our Large pad absorbs upto 280ml of blood. Its length at
290mm will ensure optimum coverage and no leakage.

It is great for daily wear to contain medium to heavy flow.

Please change every 3-4 hours when full to void any bacterial formation.

Made to fit all sizes.


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